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Teaching Materials

Apostle Cowboy Style
By Glenn Smith

Apostle Cowboy Style"When I read Apostle, Cowboy Style, it stirred me like an old firehorse hearing a bell. My insides jumped and ran; and once again in my heart and mind, I was out there on nothing but my faith as I read about Glenn Smith's experiences with a miracle-working God.

As I read I laughed, I cried; but most of all, I prayed and thanked the Lord Jesus over and over again for allowing me to have a part in this powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Western World.

Glenn and Ann are very special to Gloria and me. They will be to you too by the time you finish reading Apostle, Cowboy Style.

Read every word!"

... Kenneth Copeland

This exciting book is the story of an almighty God intimately involved in the lives of His people. The same God who saves the sinner, also meets financial needs, raises the dead, and heals horses. Remember God? He's still the same. All glory to Jesus, Lord of all.

God Loves Animals TooGod Love Your Animals, Too!
By Glenn Smith

God's healing power is not limited to people ... He delights in healing our animals, too!

The all-powerful God of the universe who showed His love for man by sending Jesus to redeem him, also made provisions for the well-being of the animals He created. Whether the animal is a family pet or a valuable part of a famous bulldogging team, God's will is healing.

God intends for us to care for our animals, and He has given us the power and authority to do it successfully.

Our Lives Are In His Blood
By Glenn Smith

Our Lives Are In His BloodThe Blood of Jesus is the most powerful substance in the universe. Without it mankind has no hope of entrance into heaven or of living victoriously on earth. Truly, our lives past, present, and future are in the Blood of Jesus Christ.



Not That You have Received JesusNow That You Have Received Jesus
by Glenn Smith

In this 22 page mini-book, Glenn describes your new citizenship in Jesus Christ as well as how to pray, the power in the Name of Jesus, water baptism, power to live the Christian life, how all your needs are met, how the Word is the source of our strength, and the importance of Christian fellowship. Rodeo Cowboy Ministries gives this to everyone who prays the prayer of salvation with Glenn. Great to use for new Christians.


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